So earlier this month our friends at A Perfect Day launched an Instagram Giveaway Contest and announced our couple who won a FREE HALEKULANI WEDDING!!!!! WHAAAAT!! Isn’t that the best thing ever?!!! Congratulations to our winners Ariana and Bobby who will be getting married on November 24, 2019 at the amazingly beautiful 5 star, Halekulani […]

  Bridal makeup and hair trials are important and being well prepped and ready will maximize your time and help your appointment run smoothly.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your makeup and hair trial with your stylist. If possible, SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE.  In Hawaii, we get a lot of destination weddings.  […]

  You’re getting married and all the details of your big day are so important.  You make time to visit the venue, to meet the coordinator, to do cake tastings, you may even meet the photographer or minister, etc….the list goes on, I feel ya! But let’s not forget about your makeup and hair trial.  […]

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