How to Prepare for Your Bridal Trial

January 18, 2019

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Bridal makeup and hair trials are important and being well prepped and ready will maximize your time and help your appointment run smoothly.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your makeup and hair trial with your stylist.

  1. If possible, SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE.  In Hawaii, we get a lot of destination weddings.  In this case making time a few days or weeks in advance will be good.  If possible, allowing time in between your trial and your wedding would be ideal.  1-2 months prior would be a good amount of time to have a trial done.  That way if you wanted to do another one then there’s time to allow for that.  Your stylist can also give you recommendations on what to do to make your look even better (ex: facials , brow waxing, hair color, etc.).
  2.  FIND YOUR DRESS.  Your dress sets the vibe for your whole look.  Without your dress there is no point in scheduling a trial just yet.  Knowing whether your vibe is classic, boho, vintage hollywood glam, etc. will determine your makeup and hairstyle.
  3. BRING YOUR VEIL OR HAIR ACCESSORIES.  If you plan to use a veil or any hair accessories bring it to your trial appointment so that you and your stylist can determine the placement of it.  If you plan to use fresh flowers be sure to mention it to your stylist so she can give you any recommendations or tips.
  4.  WEAR A BUTTON UP BLOUSE WITH THE SAME SHADE AND NECKLINE AS YOUR DRESS. This allows you to envision the whole look.
  5. DON’T LET A GOOD MAKEUP AND HAIR GO TO WASTE. Try to schedule an event around your makeup and hair trial.  If that’s not possible, schedule a night out with the ladies or a dinner with the fiance.
  6. HAVE PICTURES TO SHOW.   Have a few pictures of something  you like. This helps your stylist to understand your style and the vibe you’re going for.  Having a picture of your dress will also help your stylist give you recommendations.  If there’s a time you had your makeup done for your friends wedding and you didn’t like it, show your stylist a pic of that also.  This shows your stylist what not to do.  You can go on Pinterest and search “bridal makeup” or “natural bridal makeup”, “bridal updos”, etc. You get what I’m saying.  Keep in mind that your version of a daytime smokey eye may be different than what your stylist may think. Having pictures really helps.
  7. TRY TO SCHEDULE YOUR TRIAL WITH YOUR HAIR LENGTH AND SKIN TONE CLOSE TO WHAT IT WILL BE ON YOUR WEDDING DAY.  When we do a trial we take pictures and notes on the shade and products we used.  Keeping things the same will prevent having us to rematch your foundation or run into any hair styling issues due to your hair being shorter than it was during the trial.
  8. DON’T FORGET TO TELL YOUR STYLIST OF ANY KNOWN ALLERGIES.  This ones for obvious reasons.
  9. WASH AND 100% DRY YOUR HAIR THE NIGHT BEFORE.  Keep your hair free from any hair products.  Too much hair products will weigh your hair down.
  10. HAVE A CLEAN DRY FACE. Some creams and moisturizers do not mix well with certain foundations and creams containing SPF is what causes that white flashback in pictures.
  11. COMMUNICATION IS KEY!  This is so important.  The first thing we tell our brides is to be honest and open.  It’s important to me that our brides feel comfortable to express what they like and don’t like.  This is a team effort.  Communication both ways is crucial to achieve the desired goal.
  12. HAVE FUN!! You’re getting married!! Enjoy the ride.


Take notes on how long the look lasts.  If your hair falls your stylist can add more hairspray or make tighter curls.  If there are things you’d like to change make a note of it in your phone or email the changes to your stylist so she has it documented.



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